WHY Google's Backyard??

We chose to build within close proximity of Google, because this is the world’s least expensive real estate at this moment. It goes to Los Altos High School, is around 5 miles from Stanford and Google is completely rebuilding this entire neighbourhood. Google is building this huge campus but rather than building something like Apple Spaceship which fenced off the entire campus from the neighbourhood, Google’s approach is inclusive and they want to build a neighbourhood instead. Google wants to build publicly accessible pathways, Bikeways, Greenloops, widen the creeks. These bikeways, pathways will have european style cafes and Restaurants with open outside seating, Retail and Cinemas.

All this can be confirmed by from City’s planning department and from news articles from all the journalists who are closely following these happenings

Google's New Campus

Google is so committed to achieve it’s vision of this new Neighborhood and New campus that it effectively Kicked out LinkedIn from City of Mountain View in massive land swap deal, taking control all of the land in #NorthBayShore. Read more
This landswap, infused life in other Grand Projects like “Google’s Bike Vision” Read more
Or further expansion of Google’s Community Shuttle Read more
OR investment in local schools. Read more Read more Read more
It’s evident, that Google is out to transform Mountain View into one of the best cities in the world.

RIPPLING Effect of Google’s New Campus and New Neighbourhood :

Data shows that Google Campus has rippling effect on surrounding neighbourhoods. Read more
Also, Planning department issues a monthly update on Major Projects going on in Mountain View Read more
We dug even deeper, because Planning department only covers the Major Projects So we placed a Public Service Request to find out how many demolition permits were issued in 2015 and 2016. More than 90 demo permits were issued in city for the first 3 quarters of 2016. Read more
Mountain View is the new Palo Alto. With walking/biking distance to hustling and bustling Castro Street, Google’s strong commitment and vision to invest in the city the RE prices are poised to rise even further here.

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