WHY SVHomes is different??

1.) The first full disclosure Company : We tell you from where each and every finishing materiel was sourced. So rather than putting Tiles, Floors, Faucets, Showers from here and there and then making it all look good in pictures. We pushed the transparency to a whole new level because we explain you from where each and everything which was sourced . We live in the days of "Amazon Price Check" , its easy to verify online about what each product might have costed us. We believe that this extreme level of transparency will help us differentiate from any other new home builders in SV.

2.) Land Cost and Labour Cost is astronomical : So It's almost criminal to put cheap finishes or save money that way : The builders here are putting up tile, floor etc from here there and saving money that way. We are a total disconnect from the past and we carefully researched each choice and only picked the best of the best choices for our builds. Every new house builder in SV says that he is putting High end finishes but we believe that our blogs/builds will go viral and improve the quality of remodels and new builds throughout SV.

3.) Carefully Researched and built like I will build my own house : We carefully researched each and every aspect and hundreds of component that make a house because we wanted to build a brand and set ourselves apart from other builders in Silicon Valley. We built the house just like we would the house for our own use.

Let me point out few differences between other So called high end builders in SV and SVhomes and that will give you a taste of our thoughtfulness and how other builders try to cheap out and cut corners. Basically they are not building these homes like they would build their own but we are.

Other Builders

Other builders uses no-name tiles, faucets, from here, with no attention to detail and specific goals.

SVHomes uses Porcelanosa Finishes

SVHomes only uses Porcelanosa which is the Tiffany's of Finishing material. Read More
Each and every tile even the outside tiles, floor, faucets and plumbing fixtures were bought from Porcelanosa. Each house's Interior Design is carefully thought by two dedicated designers from Porcelanosa along with Ajit. We spend weeks and weeks of going back forth to make it look extremely beautiful almost the work of art and meet these Design Goals.

a) Extremely Beautiful but neutral: Neutral finishes are timeless, don't go out of fashion and the house decor can be changed to anything every few years most importantly we had to meet two competing goals of Beauty & Neutrality.

b) Harmonious : There is harmony in our Designs, you would see the wash of the wood floor matching the fireplace accent walls or paint. Then we try to keep one floor for all baths in the house varying the wall Designs. Which Vanity should go against which Accent wall, which shower fixture is suitable for particular tile. All these carefully thought choices create a harmonious effect.

Other Builders Flooring

Other builders uses Floor from China and most probably off-gassing some toxic VoC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

SVhomes uses Hand Scraped Organic Floor from Porcelanosa which exceeds the industry standards for VoC’s

Other Builders Appliances

They put Viking, Thermador, Subzero and it all sounds high end but do you know that you can get upto 50% off on these brands. Viking’s Service rate has been whopping 60% from over few years.. Read More

SVHomes uses only Miele Appliances

SVhomes only uses Miele, you can call Miele and offer to buy 20 Miele Kitchens but Miele will not give you or us any discount and for a good reason because Miele is the

#1 Appliance company in the world.

Watch it / Watch it

One of the few companies endorsed by Steve Jobs other than Apple. Read more

Miele's Service rate is only 3-8% compare it to Viking at whopping 60%. Miele was consistently at 3% but the Service Rate increased to 8% because of the introduction of new models in last couple of years. Read more

Other Builders Kitchen Cabinets and Frame

You’ll be surprised to see Chinese cabinets hanging in the newly built houses in Palo Alto. Or these builders keep doing the same boring shaker style cabinets (Mass produced)

SVHomes uses Custom Kitchen Cabinets with Porcelanosa materials

It’s important to understand what makes our Kitchen great.

Frame : The strength of the Kitchen is it’s frame and our frames are real hardwood. For example, Island and other long sections are one huge piece giving longevity to the Kitchen. We love the look of Porcelanosa Kitchen but we didn’t want to compromise on the frame strength and wanted to do a strong hardwood single frame. We went to the same supplier in europe from where Porcelanosa sources its materials and then we created beautiful Kitchens.

Many Bathtubs few stall showers with traditional drains

Other Builders cheap out by doing more bathtubs in the house. It’s cheaper to do a bathtub than a stall shower. Because stall showers have to be tiled everywhere, you have to put a custom thick Glass door. When other builder do stall showers they still put $30 round drain in the middle of the stall shower of what was used even 70 years ago. If you put a drain in the middle then you most probably have to to put pebbles to slope the water towards it. These pebble shower floor become dirty in maximum 6 months even after weekly cleaning services.

Only one bathtub but many stall showers with Linear Drains

We only do one bathtub in the house because they are pain to clean. We did Kohler’s Air Bubble massage bath tub in the Master bath because water jets can never have clean purge and will become moldy sometime in their lifetime. Read more

We only use Linear Drain because they allow you to run any floor tile (you are not restricted to pebbles) and your shower floor remains sparkling clean.

Frame down Closets

Other Builders will do 10 foot ceilings but they don’t think an engineer would, they stil frame it down wasting the precious volume.

Top and Bottom Closets

We thought in terms of volume, Like an Engineer would and in our 10 foot ceilings we did a small seasonal closet on top and a traditional closet in the bottom.

Zoning and Planning Ordinances

Land is very precious in SV and every foot has to be treated like Gold.

a) We build upto 3rd decimal place, the maximum allowed by city and not even leaving a single square foot on the table.
b) On top of that we do Bay Windows on side yard (another innovation). Bay windows lets you swell your building footprint without counting towards towards your FAR Quota (allowed Square footage on a lot)
c) We Built the houses as much in the front as possible leaving maximum backyard. Basically, We read the zoning code and building code with a fresh set of eyes and try to harvest all of the potential of a lot.

No Love to Garages

a) No Storage space on top.

b) Not Insulated garage.

c) Cheap Garage Door, If you see a Glass door put up by other builders then you should ask if it is insulated Garage door.

Same Love and attention to Garages

Land is so precious, so its not wise to treat Garages in-differently.

a) We go on multiple revisions with city and do specialized framing (Stick framing vs Trusses) to create a huge storage space on garage.
b) We insulated even the garage walls because we pay attention to detail. Who knows we might be using this space for a Game room or hackathons so we didn’t want to treat this precious space indifferently, so we gave it same love and attention. Read more
c) Full View Glass Garage door, Double pane and insulated. This insures that Garage space is always well lit and since it’s insulated can be used almost as living space.

Others Energy and Insulation

a) A good test is to ask the New homes in Market today if all interior walls have been insulated and that would be another differentiator of our quality.
b) Are they having 2 zones for heating/cooling ?
c) Fireplaces? Is it just a decorative fixture (satire for Electrical fireplace).

SVHomes Energy and Insulation

a) All interior walls are insulated. This helps in noise cancellation and stuff.
b) We try to do at least 2 zones for Heating/Cooling. We anticipate that all of the family wants to hang out in the Great Room together (zone-1) and all the bedrooms are in Zone-2. Usually you would only be heating and cooling one zone.
c) We do actual Gas fireplaces and the extra heat generated is not vented out through roof vents but we have installed blowers to heat the Great room. It's not a Good Karma to waste energy.

Concrete Hardscapes and narrow Width of Driveways

a) Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes and then cracks.
b) If you have to fix any problem , then you would have the trouble of breaking it and after fixing the problem the newly poured concrete would never match the old one.
c) Also notice, how other builders cheap out by doing a really narrow driveway, just good enough for you to enter the garage and then mulching the area between the fence line and driveway. Really? Cheap out for this much.

SVHomes Paver Hardscaped and Widest driveways possible

a) No cracks in Paver hardscapes.

b) Pavers are modular so you can take away a section , fix the problem and put it back.

c) We do the driveway as wide as possible. Only leaving approximately a 12 inches between the fence line and driveway. Good enough to plant privacy bushes but now you can park two cars easily.

d) We use Quarry Stone, the highest end product line from Calstone. Read more

SVHomes uses Acrylic

Stucco cracks but acrylic has better flex factor, It doesn't show cracks like stucco does. Acrylic cost more money (about 8 times than what Stucco would cost) and takes few more days of labour to install. But, like all Engineers do, we carefully researched the best choices available and only picked the best.

Other builders uses NEST Thermostats

Go tour some new builds in PA/LA/MV area and you would see the shining NEST everywhere and now look up on the ceiling and you would still notice the same cheap CO and Smoke detectors which was made 30 years ago

SVHomes uses Everthing NEST

We just don't have NEST thermostat but even our Smoke detectors and sprinklers are from Nest. There is a good reason for it, Nest CO detectors can detect CO and automatically tells Nest thermostat to shut down the HVAC. In case of fire, NEST can tell Rachio sprinklers to start the outside sprinklers.

Other builders uses Assembled Metal Deck Fences

a) Assembled deck fences by materials bought from amazon.
b) Top mounted on the Deck, Losing the precious Deck Space.
c) Mostly black color.

SVHomes uses Hand welded Custom Steel Deck fence

a) Welded by certified welder on site adding the strength which goes beyond minimum code requirements.

b) Side mounted to save precious Deck Space.

c) Custom Powder coated to match the outside light fixtures.

Other builders uses Weak and Ugly Property Line fences

Builders know that you won’t be focussed on fence during open houses and that so they put the cheapest fence possible and get away with that.
a) Thin 4x4 posts poor strength because they only dig 24 inches under the ground and go away

SVHomes uses Strong and Beautiful Property Line fences

We had another opportunity here to show that we care for every little detail.

a) Wide 4x6 posts and every hole is dug 36 inches deep so as to add life and longevity to the fence.

a) Piano keys allow the home owners to plant beautiful vines along the fence. This gives more privacy and adds a lot of beauty to the backyard.

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